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We’ve all heard of Doge, the Shibu, the memes. Drawing in profits beyond your wildest dreams. Investing in memecoins is a new trend, it seems, we found a new token, read on for the (news)

Going all in? A bit risky isn’t it?
Turns out it is, but the rewards can be great!

There’s a new game in town, a coin at the mint. A presale is launching, this link is a hint… Why not fair launch though? Why a pre-sale? To give Them a chance, where previously They failed…

Whitelisting is needed though, do not be fooled. For if you’ve been naughty, you’ll never get spooled.

“ ‘Enter at Presale, for maximum return”’
“ ‘At three times the Solstice, these tokens, I burn’”

It’s better is to enter, as soon as you can! Before you do though, beware of the SCAMS. There’s only one DogenMustard -please check our address
For you have been warned, due diligence is best…….

He came from a planet, far, far away. A silicon life form? Register to play. But it makes no difference, for he is a meme, rhyme with him dine with him, run from the scene

There’s Dogen in everyone, to find it, look deep. Break free from the rat race, Ahead of the Sheep

“Fiddle me Riddle”, a Cauldron you’ll win, Gift me to strangers, or Tip for a Sin. Stake me on DEX’s to gain APR. Don’t FOMO in though, we might go too high!

DogenMustard is a unique little fellow. Win those NFT’s in Red, Green or Yellow. Keep them forever, but could there be more?!
Trade them for items, on Dogen’s new Store!

Our Dogen has landed, and hit like a bomb! Solve his next Riddle, on

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